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DO- IN Exercise also known as Dao Yin Yoga

The Way to Inner Peace is through Spiritual Exercise and a series of Meditations as well as chanting Meditation.  

DO-IN originating in Ancient Asia steeped in the tradition of Tao or The Way of Peace, have been practiced thousands of years ago by the Daosist Monks, these excersises can help you to free your spirit and find your emotional self.  

DO-IN involves stretching the meridians, breathing, and Ki (energy) exercises.

  • One can achieve  unity and gain balance with yourself and the world without.

  • Break the conceptual bonds of illness, chaos, and the stresses of life.

  • Free the spirit and find your emotional self.

  • DO-IN will shine a light on your path to inner peace, harmony, and happiness.


  • Morning and Evening Exercise: Morning, the new life has begun. to keep your flow running through your body in harmony, it is advisable that you perform exercises for physical adjustments. 

  • Activities such as DO-IN, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga, and even housework or gardening all help with circulation of KI (energy) and blood. Body movements help to maintain vitality and improve health.

  • 10 series of ki flowing exersices through the meridians help the circulation of blood  into a balanced energietc state. This helps to release tension of joints and muscles.

  • Meridian Exercise: There are 12 channels or meridains in the limbs. Each one corresponds to an organ. By tapping the channels, one can stimulate the flow of energy to that organ. 

  • The 12 channels are; Heart, Pericardium, Lung, Small and Large Intestines, Solar Plexus, Stomach, Gall Baldder, Bladder, Spleen, Liver, Kidney.

  • Daily Spiritual Exercise: These are basic exercise for mental and spritual develpment. They have mainly been practiced by meditators, Shinto and Yogis all reaching for the same goal, developement of the whole personality. But anyone can practice them.

  • There are a total of 12 exercises

  1. Meditation and breathing,

  2. The prayer of oneness,

  3. Purification by hand clapping,

  4. Spiritualization by sound clapping,

  5. Beating the heavenly drum,

  6. Drinking the heavenly dew,

  7. Tasting nectar in meditation,

  8. Listening to the heavenly music,

  9. Seeing the inner light,

  10. Sounding harmonization,

  11. Pacification of the world. 

  12. Natural right posture and breathing


  • Chantiing Meditation: The power and spirit of words. Every thought or feeling has a vibrational  frequency. Reciting specific  words, one mind is directed into a height of vibrational frequency, which allows the improvement of circulation of the energy of blood. It will lift your mind and spirit. Chanting may help with depression, tension, stress, and more. Chanting for 30 minutes or more alone or in a group is very uplifting for your healing and may be ones powerful tool.

  • Special Exercise

  • Additional Exercise: these exercise are designed to adjust the flow or energy in our body, and  to establish active relations and bring tranquility and harmony with the environment.

  1. Love and harmony

  2. Ascending to heaven,

  3. Development  of spiritual power,

  4. Development of gentle hormany

  5. Inner reflection

  6. Outer reflection

  7. Spiritual worship

  8. Heavenly dance,

  9. Spiritual sight,

  10. Spiritual movements,

  11. Walking on the ground, 

  12. Cutting through delusion,

  13. The spirit of words

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