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Shin Sen Do (Fall session only) An ancient form of physical training from Japan, where practioners develop abilities in telepathy, intuition, and longevity .

The foundation to this way of life is focused on pure and natural seasonal foods and lifestyle through Macrobiotics.

With daily practice of 7 days, one may develop positve changes in physical, mental and spiritual life to feel total happiness.

On site required. This will require meal prep, meditation, Do-In excersize, and other poses for spiritual development .

Room (modest 8x10 single private cabin) and cost of Meals included.

Please bring a sleeping a sleeping bag, toiletries, flashlight, personal water bottle, notebook.

COST: $1,000.00

September 3 to 9, 2022

Check in 9/2 friday before 3 pm

class starts 9/3 at 10 am

class ends 9/9 at 10 am

limited to TWO students.

to purchase:

Taught by Peony. A practioner of Macrobiotic way of life since 1983, a Yoga psycologist and a Shamaness of the Ainus.



  • Refunds are not applied. 

    You will need to make a full payment one month in advance of the class/training