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Qigong is an ancient  Chinese health practice that combines medicine, philosophy, and martial arts to create a balance in life's energy or chi, in their body through diet, and exercise.

We follow a diet of seasonal foods, cooked according to the seasons as well.

Steam in the spring, sauté in the summer, stews and baking in the fall and winter.

Green and white unfermented tea is recommended for best health as well as spring water to increase energy, for physical and mental health.

Cold drinks are not recommended as they create a damp condition in the body leading towards illness.

Food is a very important component towards good health and to follow the yin yang theory to increase or decrease metabolism to gain balance.

For more information on Qigong cooking, please refer to the cooking page or order my cookbook for recipes that are simple and cost effective to prepare for your family and friends. 

Qi Gong exercise for the five major organs

are based on specific movements towards each organ.

The  Lungs, Heart, Stomach, Liver, and Kidney.

Each exercise is designed to open the channels of the organs to improve the flow of chi.

For more information , please visit:

YouTube, Suman Barkhas Tai Chi and take his online classes from to become certified instructor.

Mudan: Chinese tree Peony. Used in TCM. It is usually referred to as Mu Dan Pi. Her main function include reducing heat, cooling the blood, and improves liver function invigorating the blood

Like QiGong practices Mudan invigorates the practioner to obtain balance.

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