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Ainu, is an indiginous tribe that once lived hapily in Northern Hokkaido Japan.

Offering sake' to the nature spirits



My name is Peony Aeka Prashanti Waro, I was born in Japan, to an Ainu mother, and a European father. I am a direct descendant of the Indigenous Ainu Tribe of Hokkaido.

   I am a Inkarkur (clairvoyant/medium)  with very strong spiritual connection with my ancestor who lived in the 18th century. One in particular, my great grandfather, an Ainu Shaman Priest whose ancestors originated from the Northern Sakhalin Islands, he was a Nivkh Ainu. He migrated to the southern end of Sakhalin before being deported to Hokkaido. My grandfather was a Horse Shaman born in Hidaka Biratori area. They possessed healing powers through their hands and herbal knowledge. My great uncle performed Bear Ceremony yearly. From my ancestors I receive this gift, to use this ability as a messenger for healing and gathering information between the human and the world of the Kamuy (spirits) as well as the world of animals and plant spirits.

   I have traveled and lived abroad for 25 years in Asia and South East Asia, studying to cultivate knowledge in the Healing arts of Reiki, Arhatic and Astaunga Yoga, Pranic Healing, Macrobiotic and Shojin Ryori, Feng Shui, Ayurveda, Herbal medicine, as well as in the field of nursing in Rheumatology.



Most sessions are  one hour, sometimes it may go over . Sessions are done over the phone.  I DO NOT DO ZOOM SESSION. POOR AUDIO.


There will  be no in person sessions until summer, outdoors, weather permitting.  Summer appointments will need to made one month in advance, waiting list available.

June for July. M-Th . 10 am through 2 pm slots

July for August.  same as above.

Please come prepared with your questions, and a note pad to write on 

NO RECORDING ALLOWED . There are to many distractions with the energy involved resulting in inaccurate reading.

No children are allowed or others in your personal session

No pets left in the car or in your space during a session

And remember, no psychic is 100 % accurate. 


You may also ask for the following....

1.  Meet your Power Animal

Most people like to assign an animal themselves, but it is best to have the Shaman bring it back for you to introduce this Animal to you.  While in trance I will see the appropriate Animal that will help, guide, and assist you in your growth and protection. You can have many for different reasons. 


2.  Meet your Ancestral Spirit Helper

Here once again, I will meet with your Ancestral Guide through my guide to connect you with him/her. 

Many people like to connect with a spirit they believe are their helpers, however.... not all Ancestral spirits are benevolent. The Shaman is skilled to recognize through their guide who is your true helping spirit. 


3.  Also....De-possessions and Soul retrievals can be achieved, however you will need to be here. Summer August 2023 will be open outdoors again.


Please Read the Disclaimer and understand and agree to your session



If you cancel within 2 business days of your appointment time, a $50.00 cancellation fee will be applied.

 You may cancel appointments by phone, text, email.

I will refund you the same way you paid.

Paypal is the best to pay for a session, but they may take a few days to get funds back into your account. Please be patient.


All sales are final. No refunds are issued once your session commences. Regardless if you are unsatisfied. 


Disclaimer: If you contact me for a reading, you are acknowledging that 

  • you have read the following disclaimer

  • you agree to all its terms

  • you have read and understand the cancellation and refund policy

  • you are above the age of 18

  • Know that the information provided in the readings are intended for your general information only and for entertainment purpose only

  • It is an expression of opinion relayed to me by my guides–not to be construed as legal, medical, or psychological advice

  • I do not answer questions regarding, HEALTH, PSYCHOLOGICAL, OR SYMPTOMS

  • Any guidance that is given during a reading is given to you for your thoughtful consideration only

  • I reserve the right and will end the session, if I feel deemed to do so in both of our highest interest, and if I feel that you are testing me, wasting  your money and my time

  • I will not answer any questions regarding your spouse is cheating, you will need to hire a private investigator for this. Instead you can phrase it like, what can i do to enhance my relationship

  • I will not answer any questions regarding death, when you or anyone will pass away, only God knows this

Please come to the reading with an open mind and an open heart to get the most of your session. 

BELOW ARE YES AND NO QUESTIONS, it is very important on how you ask these questions. I will only see the answers to how you ask them.  Don’t ask Yes and No questions. Those are pendulum readings. 

Examples below:

  1. Is my spouse cheating? Instead ask, why is my relationship XXXX?

  2. Should I stay at my job? Instead ask, how should I make a financial decision to XXX

  3. Should I move to XXX? Instead ask, where is the best place for me to be in the future.

  4. Should I have children, or when will I be pregnant? Instead ask, do you see any children in my life.

After I receive your payment, i will then send you a form via docusign or snail mail for your signiture that you have read and understood the above. 


This is my mission  as a messenger to help others on their Path To Peace and Good Health


Taditional Ainu Clothing

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