Ainu, is an indiginous tribe that once lived hapily in Northern Hokkaido Japan.

Offering sake' to the nature spirits



My name is Peony Aeka Prashanti Waro, I was born in Japan, to an Ainu mother, and a European father. I am a direct descendant of the Indigenous Ainu Tribe of Hokkaido.

   I am a Inkarkur (clairvoyant/medium)  with very strong spiritual connection with my ancestor who lived in the 18th century. One in particular, my great grandfather, an Ainu Shaman Priest whose ancestors originated from the Northern Sakhalin Islands, he was a Nivkh Ainu. He migrated to the southern end of Sakhalin before being deported to Hokkaido. My grandfather was a Horse Shaman born in Hidaka Biratori area. They possessed healing powers through their hands and herbal knowledge. My great uncle performed Bear Ceremony yearly. From my ancestors I receive this gift, to use this ability as a messenger for healing and gathering information between the human and the world of the Kamuy (spirits) as well as the world of animals and plant spirits.

   I have traveled and lived abroad for 25 years in Asia and South East Asia, studying to cultivate knowledge in the Healing arts of Reiki, Arhatic and Astaunga Yoga, Pranic Healing, Macrobiotic and Shojin Ryori, Feng Shui, Ayurveda, Herbal medicine, as well as in the field of nursing in Rheumatology.

   I am the co director of Tai Chi Yoga Center in Elmira Oregon, the Founder of 1 Path To Peace,  Plant Spirit Medicine-Blossoming Lotus Herbs (my other site), I am fluent in Japanese, Indonesian and English.

   With all this busyness, I have birthed eight wonderful spirited souls, and I am a happy grandmother to 12 and a great grandmother to two beautiful soul.  

  Life is precious and everyone should have the birth right to enjoy to the fullest in good health, happiness, and prosper in all walks of life.


I am available before sunset to offer guidance through the help of my helping spirits without charge.

This is my mission  as a messenger to help others on their Path To Peace and Good Health


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