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The air is crisp and filled with the sweet scent of nature.  The energy felt is full of life at the center, making it an ideal place to learn in the beauty of a calm setting.

I am the force behind the Yomogi House, I am a natural lifestyle practitioner, a yogini, healer, messenger, with a magical garden powered by the spirits. I am born on Earth Day and so I have made a vow to our Mother that I would plant trees for the rest of my life.

Your welcome to sit with me in the summer to sip on Yomogi cha. 

The learning kitchen at the Yomogi House

(we are not currently holding cooking sessions)

 In the mists of the sacred trees and healing plants, connect with the spirits of nature at The Yomogi House.
Bathing in the forest, known as Shin Rin Ryoku, as you immerse yourself with nature, breathing in the natural healing scents, calm yourself from the stress of chaos while in the woods.
Trees heal us through color, scents, touch, and sound.  
Earth has much beauty and grace, giving us love and energy to empower and nourish us. 
Just 10 miles from Eugene City. 

Future book of Yomogi and its healing power for many ailments of the body mind and spirit. Coming soon.

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