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Path to Peace, is about creating peace for the world through dietary changes, life style changes, cultivating love and freedom, in our heart, home, then to our family, friends, neighbors, communities, nations, and finally to the world.


Path to Peace teaches 

  • Spiritual Development- through meditation,  chanting, and specific exercise for Freedom and Peace through DO-IN movements with roots originating in Asia as well as Qi Gong

  • Philosophy -  to promote long life through a natural and holistic way of lifestyle and ancient teachings.

  • Mindful Cooking techniques- for Health and Healing focusing on practical  systems of cooking and understanding the energetic 's of food that can assist treating and preventing  illness.


By adapting a peaceful way of life, ones constitution become subtle, balanced and harmonized, leading one to enlightenment. This is the goal to Spiritual Awareness. 

We must become one with the world, living with the change and harmonizing, then "we" can restore the yin yang, the balance, to create peace within us, and to save our world.

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